Pea Flakes

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Healthy treat for small animals. Great for helping to bond and tame your pet.
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A favourite of many small animals! Helps even the most timid & scared pet to learn to trust you and eat out of your hand.

N.B. Only available to UK customers.

A complementary feed for small animals.

Suitable for:

  • guinea pigs
  • rabbits
  • hamsters
  • gerbils
  • degus
  • rats
  • mice
  • chinchillas
  • parrots

A great tool for bonding and taming your own small animal through hand feeding exercises.

They are a healthy treat containing the amino acid lysine which is an essential protein nutrient that is not produced naturally by our small animals and therefore should be included in their feed.

Amino acid lysine helps turn fats into energy, assists in calcium absorption and keeps skin, bones and tissues healthy.

Please note: they can be fattening if fed in excess (so feed sparingly).

100% Natural Product.
Dry matter 86%, moisture 14%, protein 21%, oil 2.1%, fibre 5.5%, ash 3%.
Manufactured by MMF.

The guinea pigs love them. I’ve also managed to bond more with my piggies because of these pea flakes. Best things I’ve ever bought for my piggies!!
My boys loved these, they all queue up for a treat. Will definitely order again.
Piggies love them! Will always come running when they hear the bag crinkle!

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1 review for Pea Flakes

  1. kerry evans (verified owner)

    These pea flakes are great, they are lovely and fresh and the pea flakes themselves are huge. We’ve ordered pea flakes from another shop online before but these are so much better and our girls love them, will definitely be ordering again. Thank you popcorning piggy.

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