You & your piggies are why we do what we do

About Popcorning Piggy
Sam - Popcorning Piggy

We are thrilled that everyone who purchases our guinea pig products knows that they are getting an original Popcorning Piggy design & supporting our mission to celebrate guinea pigs & ensure education about correct care is spread around the world.

– Sam, Popcorning Piggy Founder

Popcorning Piggy sells 100% original guinea pig items for you & your guinea pigs.

Our designs feature the many varieties & breeds of guinea pigs & are based upon real guinea pigs & their personalities.

We aim to have a guinea pig that looks similar to your own & makes using our products extra special for you.

All our items are created by guinea pig lovers (Sam & the team) for guinea pig lovers. They feature unique artwork that is not available anywhere else.

We use a portion of our profits to help support guinea pig rescues worldwide.

We are committed to celebrating guinea pigs as the best animals in the world & we want to help remove the stigma that they easy & disposable pets!

The Team

Winnie – Illustrator
Winnie turns all Sam’s ideas into the beautiful artwork that you see. She’s super talented & understands the big personalities that small animals have.
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